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About Us

Welcome to Vital Source, your access to a healthy life and well-being!

Vital Source is a Licensed and GMP Certified supplier of a wide range of Natural Health Products and Nutritional, Dietary Supplements. With over 15 years of experience, our company has acquired the trust of a large network of clients and partners across Canada and around the Globe including Korea, Japan, Hong-Kong, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Middle East, South America.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the Highest Quality Nutritional Supplements at the best prices, so that they may attain highest level of health and wellness.

On manufacturing front we specialize in volume powder blending, encapsulation, tablet forming, protective and enteric coating, labelling and packaging.

Whether your product is in the form of Powder, Capsules, Coated or Uncoated Tablets, our professional team of Nutritional, Herbal and Pharmaceutical specialists will be happy to assist you.

Vital Source - About us


To help people

around the globe achieve their health related goals.

To hold ourselves

to a high standard and provide a challenging and enjoyable work environment where employees can be proud of working for a competitive Canadian company.

To continually work

in development of new products in order to provide better health alternatives to our valued customers.


To be a world class provider

of quality products that meets the needs of our consumers and the markets that we serve.

To be the leader

in new and innovative product development.

About Vital Source